hamilton plastics


Hamilton Plastics designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of products ranging from can liners to high-performance barrier films, used in food, medical, home and industrial markets.
  • Making packaging films, lamination films, converter films and bags for poultry, food, medical, industrial and housing industries.
  • 300,000 Sqft. plant located on 20+ Acres.
  • Consistent growth since its inception in 1986.
  • Latest technology in co-extrusion.
  • Ultramodern award-winning facility.
  • Loyalty, personal attention and quality is our secret to success.
Our markets include:
  • Modified Atmosphere Poultry Packaging for both manual and automated packaging machines such as MTEK, Pearson, Hayssen, and PacMac machines
  • Converter Grade Premium Lamination films for protective tapes, metallized balloons, painters drop cloth, and dental bibs
  • Lamination films for polyurethane foams, carpet cushions, moisture barrier laminations, and underlays
  • High Clarity, High Gloss converting films for medical packaging
  • Infectious Waste Bags that meet ASTM standards for tear strength, dart impact. Bags also lack any heavy metal additives
  • Can Liners are what the company initially grew on and is proud to make. These bags come in high density, linear low, and metallocene mixes and we also supply a green product line that is make from nearly 100% recycled materials.
  • We are a custom house that produces mono and co-extruded bags with 40+ inch diameter rolls 20-118 inch width and .39 mil to 8 mil in thickness. View our technical capabilities.


PO BOX 16579 · Chattanooga, TN 37416 · 800-456-6240
Contact hshah@hamiltonplasticsinc.com

Hamilton Plastics is a minority owned business.